Intelligence Report - Things Can Only Get Busier?

Much has been written about the impact of Covid-19 and the consequences for the economy and society. However, much also remains unknown about how this will really shape politics for the rest of this Parliament. 


The same can be said about Brexit. Even though much analysis has been published, the ramifications and positive opportunities of exiting the European Union won’t really be known for some months to come. In addition to Covid-19 and Brexit, throw into the mix the urgency of delivering net zero and the deep structural changes that businesses, consumers and communities will have to go through.

The next few years will be a period of deep change, creating significant challenges, not only for organisations but also for policy decision makers grappling with issues such as the levelling up agenda, decarbonisation, social care, Brexit and the recovery. 


British politics is now thankfully less divisive since the EU referendum in 2016 and predictability in politics has returned. But there is still room for significant policy turbulence during the next few years.


For public affairs teams it will be a challenging and exciting time and they can expect to be in the internal spotlight. They should prepare for more exposure as their Executive Leadership and senior leaders look to their in-house public affairs experts to provide clarity about the way forward. That clarity includes advising on how to navigate uncertainty, what to do, how to do it and the best way to protect and promote their organisation’s commercial and reputational interests.

For some public affairs teams, it may feel like a daunting responsibility. In spite of this, it is also a great opportunity to reinforce or prove the value of public affairs as a critical part of the corporate affairs or communications function, and for the whole organisation.

Read our Intelligence Report:  Things Can Only Get Busier? - The impact of Covid-19, Brexit and advice for public affairs teams

Public Affairs Experts - July, 30th 2021

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